Being There ****1/2

One of my favorite 50 movies of all time.

My idea was to be similar to one of Roger Ebert’s “The Great Movies” segments.

If you haven’t seen Being There see it .. it’s an outrageously brilliant movie with an outrageously awesome and understated performance by Peter Sellers. Roger Ebert’s review of Being There had tons of spoilers, mine ended up not having so many.


I noticed “Being There” on my shelf last week on VHS.

Although it was written in 1979, the movie feels amazingly modern. Especially, with the absolutely bizarre men and women running for the Republican nomination.

Peter Sellers as the simple, but well dressed and well spoken Chance the Gardener has a “refreshing honesty” for Washington. Sadly, I honestly think Chauncey Gardener could be the frontrunner in the gang of clowns currently running for the Republican nomination.

He could get the garden of the United States through the harsh winter and ready for the green of spring and summer.

“Being There” is an amazing movie. And I guess I am not the film essayist that Roger Ebert is, but who is.

— edmund