Wool ****

Another wonderful I found randomly running around the Kindle store: After “Slammed” last week 1/17 post.


Amazingly well written little book.

Book that involves hope in a dystopian future.

Seems like it’s almost part of a lost art, the serial.

First book was 60 pages, and there is also Wool 2, 3 and 4.

Excellent read, I usually don’t like dystopian fiction, but this world really worked for me.

Hugh Howey makes excellent characters.

Also was thinking that the Kindle makes a book like this easier, I wouldn’t pay $10 for this small fiction, I may have paid $5 in the bookstore, but been hesitant. At it’s $0.99 price on Kindle, it was an excellent purchase after an amazing sample.

Hugh Howey is a very promising author indeed, looking forward to reading the samples.

I am amazed how many interesting, unknown independent authors are on Kindle.

Check it out!