I would like to say our house is clean enough to have company over. Unfortunately, that would be a lie.

One of Lanna’s best friends is here this weekend for a couple nights. So hoping the air mattress keeps air. I wonder if the kitties help with the early demises of our air mattresses.

I would like to have a cleaner house. I would like to invite more people over. Lanna would too. So we need to get rid of stuff.

At least I did get some cleaning done today and moved some things to storage. It’s a start.

Need to keep chopping at it. And I know it will do Lanna good to be with her friend.

As for me I need to get up insanely early tomorrow 3:15am EST (4:15am EDT) with the time change.

Tomorrow at work should be fun on the drowsiest day of the year. But it is nice to have a cleaner room. Need to keep at it.


Slammed ****

I first got Colleen Hoover’s wonderful book “Slammed” when it was being promoted for free as an Indie book.

As someone who does slam (even if sometimes finishing in last) I was curious.

The book completely surprised me, it absolutely blew me away.

Read most of it in one day, and finished in the next day, it’s very rare that I read a whole book in 2 days.

The characters were strong and believable, as was the tragedies and difficulties in their live.

Give it a try, it’s $3 in eBook and $16 in paperback, well, well worth reading.

And a quick poem:


Time with friends
Time with beer
Time with food
Time to talk
Time to tease
Time to laugh

Days that bring smiles
Days that bring laughs
Days that bring tears

Don’t forget to love
Don’t forget to appreciate
Love those who love you
Friendship is far too rare a gift to let go.

Don’t forget to love, laugh and be yourself.
It’s a gift to self,
it’s a gift to friends,
it’s a gift to being who you are meant to be.

Love may not conquer all,
but love with laughter is magic.

Darrell K Sweet 1934-2011

Just found out someone I considered a childhood friend died today, the science fiction artist Darrell Sweet.

I have known Darrell for 30 years. He was the father of a classmate Darrell Sweet and a huge personality. I will always remember his warm spirit and him belly flopping with his big white beard into the pool at Lenape Swim Club.

He was a huge and gentle spirit, and his art is just beautiful.

Spirits like his make this world a fuller place.

I am many, many others will miss him. I am grateful to know him.

Best wishes to his family and friends. RIP.

Here is his obitituary at

Here is his official artist page:!

And here is his son Darrell Sweet’s amazing sculpture that makes me think of Remington:

And lastly .. a list of all the covers of Darrell K Sweet: