The Tale of Two Guitars

A few months ago after considering it for many, many years I bought my first guitar. A beautiful Ibanez Artcore AF71F Hollowbody Electric Guitar Black, it has a very pure sound as is absolutely beautiful and I got it for $300 not $400.

Although it is wide and I feel like it’s fragile. It’s very precious to me and gave me a lot of memories of my dad and his love of jazz.

I wasn’t really playing with it all that much though. Maybe because it’s less comfortable to reach over, it’s very wide.

A few weeks ago, after looking for a while I found an inexpensive Guitar Research solid body stratocaster style guitar. I knew it was crazy to get one so soon after the first one but it was only $150 and so much fun to strum. I need to figure out how to import images to WordPress easier. Took forever to find the image of the Ibanez and no luck on the Guitar Research. It looks like this vintage Fender Stratocaster, same sea foam color.

It has 3 pickups vs. one floating humbucker on the Ibanez. And it has a very, very different song. It’s also just a blast to play and has fun with the higher frets making a wicked spacey sound. Although the E string is weird especially on the very important 3rd fret.

Yesterday, I took my first lesson in a while. I really wasn’t playing the Ibanez that much but I have been playing 2-3 hours a day on the Guitar Research strat the last week or so. And I learned “Can’t Explain” by the Who. It was made for a strat style guitar, it just produces a certain dissonance. It just doesn’t sound right on the Ibanez.

I also got a wonderful “Johnny Cash Anthology” from my wife on my birthday last week on June 23rd (I turned 41). And I hadn’t used it much until today. When I was singing the songs and trying to learn the chords, the Ibanez sounded much, much better. It just a better sound for old school country. I learned to sing primarily “The Long Dark Veil” and “Luther Plays the Boogie” and was learning the chords on “Luther Plays the Boogie” especially with G chord.

So I think it’s great I have 2 guitars and I think I will have tons of fun with each, and I may be tempted to get others at some point. Thinking maybe an inexpensive Yamaha acoustic guitar.

Playing a ton of guitar this week has been a blast.

Although I wish it was easier to play my iTunes music on my Android.

So it goes.

The Who – Can’t Explain

Johnny Cash – The Long Black Veil

Johnny Cash – Luther Plays the Boogie

Please Stop and Get Milk

I am planning to eventually start a band with some friends called Milk Supply. Mostly with silly songs that kids and hipsters will like that parody very popular songs with milk. Another snippet would be “I’m gonna get some milk, because it tastes good on my throat now. Drinking up the milk, now I need more milk, milk is really awesome…”

This is to the incredibly overrated and overplayed Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin'”:

Please Stop and Get Milk

Please stop and get milk
we are getting so low
I want a peanut butter sandwich
oh oh oh.

Please stop and get milk
The Cheerios are lonely
I don’t want to eat them drrrriiiyyyy

Please stop and get milk
We are having spaghetti
I want some whole milk
oh oh oh

Please stop and get milk
I like it from allldiii
Because I am home now
and I don’t want to leave my
hoo oooo mmmmeee

Please stop and get milk
we are running so low.

Please stop.

“Rumi (for Coleman Banks)” and “Such Silence” by Mary Oliver

When Rumi went into the tavern
I followed.
I heard a lot of crazy talk
and a lot of wise talk.

But the roses wouldn’t grow in my hair.

When Rumi left the tavern
I followed.
I don’t mean just to pick at
such a famous fellow.
Indeed he was rather ridiculous with his
long beard and his dusty feet.
But I heard less of the crazy talk and
a lot more of the wise talk and I was
hopeful enough to keep listening

until the day I found myself
transformed into an entire garden
of roses.

– Mary Oliver
from Blue Horses: Poems

Her last book “Dog Songs” was my favorite book I have read in the last 12 months.
As someone whose dog Misty saved his life when I was a toddler and slipping on the ice in Wisconsin, blocking me with his strong long-haired collie body.
It’s one of the great reasons Coywolf/Eastern Coyote, the guardian of the suburbs bred from coyotes and the last big group of eastern wolves deep in the wilderness 200 miles north of Toronto, Canada appeals to my spirits.
The coywolf is an animal that can walk through suburban neighborhoods often unseen by humans, if seen in one shot in the wonderful “Nature” episode “Meet the Coywolf” by a cat.

I really think that my cat Squiggy who greets everyone at the door when they come in and says welcome to my house please pet me, is dog spirit.
His brother Lenny is the trickster who hides when guests arrive and likes to love through bites and play.
They are together coywolf spirits.

Please buy Mary Oliver’s last two books they are excellent.

And I would of course love to interview her on my The Poetry Conversation podcast.

A second poem I was touched by even deeper is about an old stone bench, very, very old .. such silence


Such Silence

As deep as I ever went into the forest
I came upon an old stone bench, very, very old,
and around it a clearing, and beyond that
trees taller and older than I had ever seen.

Such silence!
It really wasn’t so far from a town, but it seemed
all the clocks in the world had stopped counting.
So it was hard to suppose the usual rules applied.

Sometimes there’s only a hint, a possibility.
What’s magical, sometimes, has deeper roots
than reason.
I hope everyone knows that.

I sat on the bench, waiting for something.
An angel, perhaps.
Or dancers with the legs of goats.

No, I didn’t see either. But only, I think, because
I didn’t stay long enough.

also from “Blue Horses: Poems” by Mary Oliver,
The Penguin Press, 2014

Wow. This hits very deep into my spiritual practices.
Hearing the water and hearing the birds.
Feeling the wind.
Connecting deeply with a tree in a three cauldrons meditation and checking in to see if the cauldrons of your gut, heart and head have their cauldrons up, sideward or down. The three cauldrons mediation is powerful for me. The first time I did it, I saw the snarls of people who are in crisis not getting care. Of people who in ERs and prisons, by police officers and well intentioned professionals are placed in frightening areas.

May we all work to be like Spring Harbor Hospital in Portland, Maine and realize that patients are much better off in a ward where they can talk to nurses who will listen and hear their concern.

It calms their fire. It definitely calmed mine in 2013. This book today is helping me know. Outstanding!

And I am also happy that I waited in front of the Vietnamese Buddhist temple here in Ansonia. It is a place I will need to spend my Sundays to balance the fire of creativity going through me out.


Why did we bail out the finance industry?

It’s now been 7 1/2 years since we bailed out the robber barons of the finance industry. Everyone would have been much better off if these greedy *#@***$ had gotten broke. But yet, they are still harassing people about debt with court and Congressional approval. Seems like it’s good FIght Club energy to let the financial system crash again.

If Barack Obama really wants to bailout the county, first he should get debt collections out of student loans. An 18.5% charge for what has to be the lowest priority item on any broke ex college or recent graduate due to being late on a payment just has to stop. Seriously just get that out of the system. That’s just raiding the coffers of the smart people in this country that were told a liberal arts education was the way to go by everyone. I don’t think it is.

We live in an era where all the information is everywhere.

We live in an era where kids that want to play and learn and do games on things like iPad or go discover turtles can.

If you have to give kids hard core stimulants to get them through school then just start over. Learn through play, learn through montessori, give gifted students projects and mentors.

Give kids who want to fix things kids to fix. Let kids who want to be helpful help.

Government schools are not succeeding are kids and it’s humane to give people alternate choices.

Everything is just too weird now.

We give TIFFs and stadium financing and 0% interest to the poor yet payday loans which are like ten times the mafias old interest are legal.

Not paying parking tickets or making a small error on welfare paperwork or just smoking bud with buddies is a jailable offense?

If you want to tow someone’s car that’s fine but it costs money to put someone in jail when they didn’t hurt anyone.

And for what so people who are worth $10,000,000 can add a zero to their net worth.

Reaganomics was a lie.

The working class and the rednecks got fleeced. Being for free trade does not help the economy it helps the capitalists.

At least there are peer funded things like Kickstarter​ and GoFundMe out there now.

The finance industry is filled with crooks. The NSA and Patriot Acts are so constitutionally illegal that it’s treasonous. People’s United or Citizen’s United didn’t even mention the preamble.

Until World War I our government was funded by tariffs and thrived.

Now with World Trade Organizations, NAFTA, the World Bank, the UN, etc. we make very poor countries give limited resources to give billionaires a higher place on their Forbes rating.

If you are worth more than $100,000,000 and are still trying to exploit the government you should be investigated for fraud.

The system is broken and we just need to start over from scratch.

Best solution to me is just go to a straight VAT of say 15%.

We don’t need to pay for an international security state, we don’t need military forces around the world.

Let’s just build tariffs and bring back the artisans in America. It’s happening in small ways in hipster areas, but I am above a huge and beautiful mill that has been dormant for decades and used to be the Copper and Brass center of the world in Ansonia and Waterbury, Connecticut. Sadly, Waterville’s heart was ripped out and turn to a mall. But the beautiful mill building is still there.

Free trade doesn’t help the economy, it doesn’t help people, it helps capitalists.

And people with tons of resources should realize they have enough and give back.

At this point investment banks and finance has not lived up to the contract of helping people and if they don’t change their ways they should lose their charters to do business.

The federal government does have the authority to do that.

edmund davis-quinn

I will say though John Oliver is doing an amazing job pointing out insanity. His show is unbelievably important.

Called to Coywolf

After being in The EarthSpirit Community​ and Rites of Spring since 2003, I have finally decided to lead a discussion group about what the Coywolf, the breeding of the coyotes and wolves especially 200 miles north of Toronto deep in the woods.

I have been watching and being with the 3 beautiful Mexican Gray Wolves and have had cokopelli as part of my deities for some time. And I put it around a created doll that randomly looked the hoodoo magic on a shelf over a clown that looks like Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live and one with a blue hat that carries a mushroom as umbrella and a child on it’s side. Very similar to very limited amount online on the kokopelli. I plan possibly around the time of Twilight Covening to wander the deserts of the American Southwest and Mexico and search for more. My grandmother lived in the Coachella Valley of Califronia for all of her 90 years.

And when I was a toddler, my collie Misty stopped my with her body from rolling into the road down ice. Canines have been my guardian for a long time.

Due to these deep bonds of wolf and coyote and after spending a lot of time with Lobos of the Bridgeport/Beardsley Zoo, I realized that the coywolf has spoken to me.

And as someone who just banished my 7 seasons of trials with Odin, I feel like the Coywolf brings the sons of Odin together. Thor the Guardian/Wolf; Loki the trickster/Kokopelli/Coyote.

It feels like very powerful magic to me I am just beginning to explore as is science. The Eastern Coyote is the official name for Coywolves of the North East but there have also been much more limit pairings with Lobos (Mexican Gray Wolves), and it worked to captive breed the Western Coyote and Gray Wolves in 2013. This is very new animism: Northwestern gray wolf-coyote hybrids[edit]
In 2013, a captive breeding experiment conducted in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services National Wildlife Research Center Predator Research Facility in Logan, Utah between gray wolves from British Columbia and western coyotes produced six hybrids, making this the very first hybridization case between pure coyotes and northwestern gray wolves. The experiment used artificial insemination and was aimed with the intention of determining whether or not if the sperms of the larger gray wolves in the west are capable of fertilizing the egg cells in the western coyotes. Aside from the historical hybridizations between coyotes and the smaller Mexican gray wolves in the south as well as with eastern wolves and red wolves, grays wolves from the northwestern USA and western provinces of Canada are not known to interbreed with coyotes in the wild, thus prompting the experiment. The six resulting hybrids included four males and two females. At six months of age, the hybrids were closely monitored and were shown to display both physical and behavioral characteristics from both species, as well as some physical similarities to the eastern wolves, whose status as a distinct wolf species or as a genetically distinct subspecies of the gray wolf is controversial. Regardless, the result of this experiment concluded that northwestern gray wolves, much like the eastern wolves, red wolves, Mexican gray wolves, and domestic dogs, are capable of hybridizing with coyotes.[3]

I am feeling very called to this new creature of the northeast bringing balance to nature and lowering rodent, goose, roadkill and eggs as it often rambles the suburbs of Toronto.

The Eastern Coyote/Coywolf is both scavenger and watcher and can hide in plain sight on golf courses, sidewalks, streets, sheep farms …

I really do feel like we undervalue the trickster in modern society. Things need to be shaken up right now. People who are very wealthy in places like Greenwich, CT only 45 minutes away need to realize they don’t need to compete for spots on the richest billionares list. He who dies with the most toys leaves their heirs with a lot of crap. The little things are what matter.

I like that where i live in Ansonia has strong working class values. It is also a place that shows the folly of removing tariffs. Corporate profits is not the responsibility of government. This town was founded by John Anson in the 19th Century …

Welcome to Ansonia Public Library! (Found Poem)

Welcome to Ansonia Public Library!
You have the following items:

I am the dog, I am the cat
A place so foreign and eight more stories
Rapture of the Nerds
Breakfast served any time all day: essays on poetry, new and selected
The art of social media: power tips for power users
Ikiru: To live
Mozart in the jungle: sex, drugs and classical music

Nobody move
On the Road
One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest: A Novel
The King of Methelehem
Unpacking the boxes: A Memoir of Life in Poetry
The first time I got paid for it — writer’s tales from the Hollywood trenches
Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade a Curious People and Dangerous Ideas
Palm Sunday: At Autobiographical COllage
Extra Nutty! Even More Letters From a Nut

Fooling with Words: A Celebration of Poets and Their Craft
For the time being
A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments

Stop Subsidizing the Rich

In 1977 and before, it used to be a summer job could pay for college.

That meant that you know that working your ass off as a dishwasher, waiter… often in the service industry was what paid for your tuition. If you put that many hours and commitment to go to school, you don’t take the costs of college lightly.

From the GI Bill after World War II through the Carter administration, most government money went to help people and unfortunately quagmires like the Vietnam War.

After the Reagan/Thatcher “Revolution”, Trickle Up Economics started in the Orwellian doublespeak of “Trickle Down Economics.” Since then more and more taxpayer money has gone to corporations. Whether it’s the farm subsidies under Richard Nixon that took incentives to end the balance of a family farm to give subsidies for monoculture like Roundup Ready Corn which isn’t delicious and hardly edible. THe amazing soils made my buffalo poop over eons washing into the great Missouri and Mississippi River Delta. Why? Because big ag wants huge feed lots for pigs and cattle where animals wallow in shit and the stink goes for miles. And basically concentration camps for chickens and eggs. Why? Big profits.

Feeding chickens and especially cows corn is insane. Chickens are designed to eat grubs and keep insect populations in balance. Cows, buffalo and other big grass eaters have stomach that can turn the light energy content of cellulose into nutrition and give the grass the poop it needs to grow again. It’s the circle of poop and it comes and goes. And it makes the soil ever richer. Making topsoil grow and things improve.

Now, we are wasting the earth just so people who are millionaires can become richer. A satisfied mind and a satisfied life is knowing that you are enough and have enough. People in Central Maine and many working place know that although the kids are idiots, the dogs and birds are annoying, the bills are piling up and the snow never starts falling that they have a house, they have a car, they are making do.

The culture of many of the very privileged that go to elite colleges often have strong connection and end up in places like Wall Street are to see who has the most toys. Having 20 Rolexes, 10 Supercars, 4 houses and, and, and just means you are buying shiny to hide misery. An absurd number of millionaire athletes are dead broke a few years after their career ends. If the type of players that go to the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats want to learn to be a pro basketball player, they should play in Europe, China or Russia and learn humility. When you are playing with 10 year veterans and you are the talented 18 year old American, guess what, you will learn humility. Humility is what lets a five star recruit like Brandon Jennings realize after a year or two in Europe that a condo near the practice facility and a Ford Edge are enough. He has learned that although talented, he has a lot to learn about being a pro.

Right now we take upper middle class and rich kids to places like Harvard, Bowdoin College, Stanford, etc. where they expect to be coddled. When I heard Bucknell had student laundry service they immediately left my college list. When Penn State admitted their students were just numbers that did too. I feel in love with the Gray Gothic of the University of Chicago and it’s rich history. But, I wasn’t ready for graduate school level rigor. I also think I was emotionally quite young. Although, I have never been a place where anyone wanted to attack a professor’s question like it was chum. Kids at Rutgers are smart too, but they are students that sit back and listen and have to be prompted for questions.

I hope we gain more sanity. I think we need to go back to the times before Reagan/Thatcher in both the UK and US. There is nothing wrong with living in council flats or section 8 housing. Not everyone is going to be rich. My mom was on food stamps when we were babies and dad was a graduate student. People involved in welfare were there to help, not constantly suspicious of fraud. Nixon made us “tough on crime and brought in farm subsidies which destroyed the family farm, which was a tough life but was balanced with the earth. Now we look at “welfare fraud” and blame the poor. Meanwhile big coal is blowing up billion year old mountains literally with dynamite for coal so that the owners can make huge profits, college campuses and Wal-Mart live their lights on all night for “security” and light pollution makes it hard to see the stars.

We need sanity. I think we need to have a flat tax, maybe a VAT and enough of a gas tax to pay the cost of infrastructure. It has not changed in a long, long time. It probably needs to be above the break even point because we are so behind. Less money in gas taxes, means worse roads, means more wear on cars and suspensions and higher auto repair bills. It’s cheaper to have good infrastructure and keep things maintained then have to fix something broken. Think of a house that is well maintained with a hoarder or any house left vacant by foreclosure.

The purpose of the federal government is not to debt collectors can make 18.5% when students get behind on student loans so colleges look fancier and get more applications. It’s time to go back to the GI Bill days for big colleges like Ohio State. They used to accept everyone, but guess what look to your left and right, on average one of you won’t make it.

And guess what, if you aren’t meant for a liberal arts degree there is a glut in the market. It’s why a BA in Sarah Lawrence can work in hotel reception, a Starbucks or a call center.

If you are someone good with your hands, plumbers, contractors with a great reputation and auto repair shop owners make more than someone with a BA in History, Philosophy and English. Only in America to bars say “if you so smart, why ain’t you rich?” Guess what, poets and philosophers have always been broke and needed benefactors. It’s still true in the arts today.

May we have a more sane world in the future where people look out for each other and get by in old mill towns with deep roots and working class values like the Ansonia which was once the capital of brass and copper in America where I live. Despite what the WTO thinks, tariffs are a good thing, it paid the cost of government for years. It wasn’t until Woodrow Wilson that we had income taxes. And higher tariffs might mean places with strong working class values and family loyalty like Westbrook, Maine (SD Warren paper), Ansonia, CT (The Ansonia Brass Company) and Waterbury, CT had people who were unionized had a good salary and deep roots in the community. The purpose of government is not to make multinationals billions in money. The purpose of a corporation is not solely for shareholder gain.

The puppet security courts do not help the 2nd Amendment. I realy wish Supreme Court Justices were subject to review by Consitutional lawyers and scholars which sadly includes Barack Obama. Everyone who voted for People’s United clearly missed the preamble of the US Constitution: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Nothing there says that the government is for profit. That means that conservative justices who are entertained by corporate interests that voted for People’s United: Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas the silent (he almost never says anything during cases) and John Roberts should be off the court. With lifetime appointment Antonin Scalia has been a justice for a very, very long time since 1986 and John Roberts who is likely to be Supreme Court Chief Justice for a long time he is only 60 years old.

Maybe we should have ten year appointment instead. The Constitution is broken at this point, the Bill of Rights demolished (1st and 4th Amendments for Security, the 4th Amendment for the War on Drugs, and no one seems to understand that a well regulated militia to me implies that their should be some restrictions on firearms and militias which are similar to State National Guards today.

I will say more but I have said my piece. I am almost at 1500 words.

Take care of yourself and each other, and remember to always work to be excellent to each other. We are all in this together.


I am a very worried man.

Blessed be as the green ones return soon, I hope we have a rebirth on sanity, we need it.

Blog Themes Again

When I was blogging every day I had themes to build around so I am doing that again and writing quite a few posts in the future.

Sunday will be Spirit of Sunday like it was before.

Monday will be Music Monday, could be a song I write could be talking about music, it could be an appreciation or so many other things. Music makes the heart sing.

Tuesday is still Port Veritas poetry Tuesday. Although I plan to highlight more poets I like and why I like them preparing for my launch of the Poetry Conversation Podcast and website coming soon.

Wednesday is Wildcard Wednesday where anything goes

Thursday is Thoughtful Thursday which could mean many things. But a deeper piece of some kind.

Friday will still be Friday Reads when I talk about not just the books I am reading but other things as well. Recently that has been more pieces online. I think I will repost much of what I say on Facebook walls here as well if I think I would like to have it be more than effemeral which is what most of social media is.

Saturday will once again be the Saturday Night Review but will include more mini reviews such as the Aldi French Bread pizza that I had this afternoon, skip it and stick with the Stouffers. #skip

Or I saw Pinky and the Brain Season 1: Episodes 3 and 4 on Amazon Prime today. I forgot how brilliant the show is. It’s a complete masterpiece and to me it’s obvious which one is a genius and who is insane. ****

I look forward to blogging more again.


Here is what I posted to Facebook. I plan to archive much more of my social media posts now. There is some great stuff there.

I have decided to do weekly blog themes again and blog much, much more.
They are Spirit of Sunday about spirit in it’s many realsm
Music Monday that is about musical journeys and will include song lyrics, mainly parody songs
Port Veritas Poetry Tuesday which will talk more about poets I like and poems I like and include some poems too. I feel like I am more concentrated on music then poetry right now but their are so many great poems that deserve more eyes.\
Wildcard Wednesday which could be about anything
Thoughtful Thursday which I want to be a longer, deeper piece
Friday Reads about what I am reading which will include more internet links since I am reading more in bits and pieces right now.
And the Saturday Night Review which will include mini-reviews and some longer ones.
I want the blog to be able to archive what I do on Social Media. Facebook and Twitter aren’t designed to store information well. WordPress is.

Blessed be and believe that your words matter.

You are always on my mind

My dad has been on my mind a lot this week.

I felt his presence watching my guitar instructor George Lesiw jamming with a cool 7 string guitar almost sounding like a stand up bass.

Kids were playing and being silly. I was being silly with them while counting time.

We were talking jazz, of concerts, of memory, of good times.

I look forward to going to the Jewish Community Center again in 2 weeks on the 2nd anniversary of his death of April 1st and listen to some jazz keyboard and then go off to play pinball. I haven’t gone to play pinball in a wild. It’s a lot harder when you break and damage your coccyx to drive 30 miles each way. But, I miss it. Playing Pinball Arcade on your phone isn’t the same as going to Pinball Wizard Arcade with over a hundred pinball machines and over a hundred classic games. The New England Pinball Associated is packed in there today for finals. I am happy not to be there, it’s a lot of pinball. But if you are near Lowell, MA and love pinball and classic arcade drive a few miles to Pelham, NH. It’s magic.

I am really taking to guitar. I have been considering it for years. And when I heard a tone that said yes on the Ibanez Jazzbox, I just had to get it. It was marked down from $400 to $300 and the Fender Frontman 25R Amp from $100 to $80. I am very happy. And even happy I got the insurance. I don’t trust myself not to damage the guitar. Although if you are good to your guitar paying $60 for 3 years insurance on a $400 guitar is a lot.

I am amazed how much the memories of my father are positive but sometimes I need to cry. Here i the excellent Willie Nelson playlist from the classic country standard written by Kris Kristofferson “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” I would love to sing a lot of these songs. They are beautiful.

Sometimes you just need to cry.

Blessed be.


Lenny Squiggy Kitty

I have been having the Son House classic “John the Revelator” in my head and I made a kitty version thinking of Kitty Critic creator Samuel James: So the sound of this is based on the John the Revelator Chorus:

Tell me who’s that playing
Squiggy Kitty Kitty
Tell me who’s that playing
Lenny Kitty Kitty
Tell me who’s that playing
Lenny Squiggy Kitty
Wrote the book on being cute,

Tell me who’s that playing
Lenny Kitty Kitty
Tell me who’s that playing
Squiggy Kitty Kitty
Tell me who’s that playing
Squiggy Lenny Kitty
Wrote the book on being cute.

Again to the tune of the Son House classic “John the Revelator”

And here is the first Kitty Critic episode with Samuel James:

Copyright with Creative Commons license, Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn, 2015