Why I Blog

Just read an great piece by my friend and excellent blogger Shay, about why she is going to stop writing her blog. It made me wonder why I do it and love it.

I have been blogging every day since around Thankgiving of last year after seeing how well my wife blogging month had gone (blogging every day).

I love it.

I makes me have to write every day.

Makes me think of something.

My Tuesday posts make me think about poetry.

My Friday posts about what I read for the week.

Some of my posts are short, and I don’t have much energy for them.

Some of my Friday posts are long and go through the vast amount of books I read. Usually several at a time.

Sometimes I inspire people like my best blog post so far: “Write Poorly” a piece that inspired author Colleen Hoover so much it is in her book “Point of Retreat.”

But mainly for me it is helping me discover my writer’s voice. My practicing every day, like anything else I am becoming a better writer.

There are things I know I need to improve, grammar being the #1 issue, but my voice is getting better.

Even planning to delve into the Writer’s Market 2013 when it comes out soon and write some spec pieces and put proposals out there.

Not sure if that will come to anything, but I do know I love writing.

Just like from joining the spoken word scene in Portland, Maine, I love poetry.

May I keep writing and improving, and maybe even take a grammar course.

I love blogging and thank you to anyone that reads it.


  • lannalee

    Nice post babe. You just need to work with a good editor (not your wife) to improve grammar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rurugby Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn

    That’s a good idea, I need one that I can work for the rate I can afford (which isn’t much.)